2009-11-19 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The Patriot’s coach made a decision to go for it on fourth down at this own 30-yard line with less than three minutes to go — that will be talked about in a negative way for years to come.

Texas played a half and won the first of the three remaining games. Kansas and Todd Reesing come to Austin this week. The Horns need to be ready to play a whole game, not just a half, like Baylor.

What can you say about the Aggies? 65-10 by a 6-4 team is a pretty sound whipping. They may be setting up the Horns for a Thanksgiving Day massacre.

Lee County is out of the playoffs after the first round for the first time in many years. Both games could have gone another way, but both teams were beaten. Giddings turned the ball over twice on passes and five or six times on mishandled footballs.

I’ve heard some grumblings in Giddings about Coach Fitzhenry. The grumblers best look at the entire program he has developed. Football is king in Texas and the Buff program speaks for itself. The volleyball, basketball, cross country, softball and baseball programs have flourished under his guidance. Be careful of what you ask for. You could ruin a good thing.

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