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Some angels having wings, others wear sneakers…

Joely Rodgers Joely Rodgers Joely Rodgers, daughter-in-law of Bobby and Janice Rodgers, and teammate Karen Law travelled to Dallas this past weekend to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Research. Together they form Team Hot Flashers and participated in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure – 3 Day Walk. This is Joely’s 2nd year participating in the event. Over 2900 walkers and near 1900 volunteers arrived decorated in shades of pink and themed hats, shirts and shoes, conveying a sense of power, unity and humor. The 3 Day Walk is an event that is held at 15 sites throughout the country in which participants raise $2,300 to enter and then walk 60 miles over the course of 3 days.

Friday began with an inspiring Opening Ceremony at the Plano Centre. Some of the highlights of the day included the great support shown by several elementary schools, powerful images of survivors holding hands, and sheer silliness. Men sporting pink tutus and brassieres and women dressed as angelic fairies rode around on bicycles supporting the walkers. Pit stops and grab- &-go’s every few miles offered food, water bottle fill-ups and medical tents.

On Saturday morning, we woke up early, ready to hit the trail again. Along the way, we saw local police sporting Energizer bunny ears, the Arapaho Bridge in Addison, lovely fall foliage, and huge cheering stations with hundreds of people yelling words of encouragement and handing out snacks. Children and adults lined the sidewalks and witnessed first hand what sacrifice and dedication truly means.

Our final day of walking featured a beautiful route along Turtle Creek, amazing homes in Park Cities, the Historic West End cheering station, the Grassy Knoll and JFK Memorial and Pioneer Plaza with its bronze cattle drive. It all ended with a celebratory Closing Ceremony at historic Fair Park.

Joely used several different fundraisers to raise over $5,500. Joely held a Crock-Pot Cook-Off and sold cookbooks made from recipes provided by friends and neighbors from the Roznov Community. The Dallas / Fort Worth 3 Day Walk raised over $7.5 million toward Breast Cancer research. Thank you to all who made a donation or bought a Roznov Cookbook.

Anyone interested in more information about the walk, joining the team, or making a donation for the 2010 3 Day Walk, please call Joely at 979-249-6512.

60 Miles … 3 Days … 1 Cause

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