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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

Thanks to the students for the excellent Veterans day program. Students, say a private prayer for vets of Vietnam who have such mental problems they are unable to function. About one third of the homeless are vets.

I was proud of the Lexington ISD when I saw there was no prayer on the program. Congratulations to the Superintendent for his leadership. The Supreme Court has NEVER forbidden prayer in school. However, they have forbidden government prayer. Why would anyone want the government to take over prayer? Remember the veterans that have defended our religious freedom and the separation of the church and state.

For the High School debate team. Resolved: that the all volunteer troops in the service during this war are more patriotic than those drafted in WWII.

Points to consider. Many have served in the current war for love of country, such as Floyd Tillman. However, many joined because of our dire economy. Most good paying jobs have been shipped overseas. The cost of college is so great that those that are not rich, or do not want unbearable debt upon graduation, cannot attend. Many joined to get a college education or to provide a better life, especially health care, for their family.

We should bring back the draft because the troops serving today have been stretched to the breaking point.
Clifton Seifert,
Retired, United States Air Force Reserve, Lexington

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