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Work on New City Hall Moving Forward

Much progress has been made on the renovation of the old State Bank building in downtown Lexington for the new City Hall. The first major concern of the citizens was addressed when the asbestos abatement was completed before any other tear down and construction began. Olmos Abatement, Inc. from Manor was hired to perform the abatement and took only two days to complete the job at a cost of $4,200 to the City. An abatement consultant was hired to monitor the air quality during abatement and was responsible for purchasing the proper permits required by the EPA. The cost for the consultant was $2,100. Couple that with the abatement contractor fee and the total was well under the original $10,000 estimate to address the environmental issue.

The contractor hired to do the finishing work inside the building, Fritcher and Langham from Giddings, has started their portion of the renovation. They have taken out half the cashier counters, studded in several walls adjacent to the handicap ramp and the vault, knocked out other walls, roughed in the wheel chair ramp and removed all the old carpet.

City Council member Tony Tavary, who serves with Lori Barnikow on the new City Hall Renovation Committee said this week, "The renovation is not a big job. It's just a bunch of small jobs. On Wednesday of this week, we will be meeting with the contractor to select floor tiles and to see samples of formica for the counter tops."

Lexington Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr. said, "We are very happy with the progress on the new City Hall. Our City workers began the work with repairing some of the exterior issues, including removing the old bank signs, power washing the exterior of the building and cleaning up some of the asphalt on the streets surrounding the building."

Willrich finished by saying, "Our City Council members Tony Tavary and Lori Barnikow, who have worked very hard on this project, said it is their expectation that the work will be completely finished before Thanksgiving, allowing the City to move in to the facility before the end of the year."

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