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My Life, My Choice…Drug Free!

by Lillie Clifford, 3rd Grade

Students at Lexington Elementary School celebrated Red Ribbon Week last week and they were given a challenge. That challenge was to write an essay titled "My Life, My Choice .... Drug Free!". The following essays won First Place, one each for the Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades.

I'm drug free and that is the way I choose to be. I am going to be drug free for my whole life because I want to have a happy and healthy life. I do not like drugs because they can poison you and kill your brain and body. Some people who get heavily into drugs lose their friends and family because they just stop caring. I choose to be drug free because I do not want all that stuff to happen to me.

Did you know that people who do drugs usually have bad grades in school because like I said drugs kill your brain. I set goals. My goal is to stay drug free the rest of my life. I do not break the law. But people who use drugs usually break laws. Sometimes when people use drugs too much they might get a little crazy and they could kill somebody else and they would go to jail.

I am glad I do not do drugs. The good thing about being drug free is that you usually have a good job and care for each other.

by Andrew Gonzalez, 4th Grade

"My life is very precious," is something my parents always tell me. Even though I am only nine years old and don't know much about drugs, I do know they make you very sick and a very bad, mean person. Drugs make you do things you probably don't want to do like steal, lie, and even kill. Drugs affect so many people of all ages. Kids my age do drugs as do teenagers and adults.

Drugs don't only affect the people that take them but they affect everyone around them. People that do drugs end up losing their family, friends, and anything that was important to them. Even their jobs and sometimes their lives. Why would anyone want this to happen to them? We have learned for a long time that drugs are bad through movies, school, and our parents. Why do people keep taking drugs?

I want to live drug free because I want to finish high school and go to college. I want a good job to have a nice truck, and a house. We all should know by now that drugs are bad. This is why saying NO to drugs is my choice to live a drug free life.

by Bailey Exner, 5th Grade

We all have big goals in life but the question is "Can we achieve them?" That's our choice. Don't mess up your life - be drug free.

It would be hard to do your job when you can't think straight. That's what happens when you do drugs. You can't have a normal life with drugs. You won't have friends and your family wouldn't like to be around you. Go take your pick - drugs or no drugs.

Your life, your opinion, but here's the thing, you'll die way younger than you would have. Pick no drugs, your life will be a lot easier if you do. What will it be - drugs or no drugs?

Still not convinced? Fine, ok, that's all right, here's the curveball, you will get cancer. Do drugs and you'll be stuck in a hospital. Oh yea, sure you say "Hospitals are nice, they're like homes", but you will have nobody to talk to. It would be bad and I don't want to see you get hurt.

Got your answer? Good. Which is it? (whispers) Good choice! You won't have a job, dieing younger and getting cancer aren't on my list of fun. Now they aren't on yours either. By the way "What are your goals in life?"

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