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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

In an effort to help keep post-menopausal women from experiencing excruciating pain for months, like I recently did, I wanted to share a short story. Last June, I began experiencing a burning sensation in my mouth, like I had eaten a jalapeño. I went to my doctor to see if he could diagnose and fix my problem, to no avail. As weeks became months, living with this pain in my mouth, I went to several doctors and specialists, both in Texas and in Georgia, and no one could tell me why my mouth was burning so painfully.

Finally, after getting an appointment with yet another specialist, I learned what my problem was! This doctor, noticing I was stressed out, patted me on the shoulder and said, "You're not crazy. You have Burning Mouth Syndrome!"

I learned that Burning Mouth Syndrome is very uncommon, affecting women more frequently than it does men, when you're an older adult, usually over 50. Once it is diagnosed, treatment usually helps stop the pain that, in my case, made me feel like my tongue and mouth, and sometimes down my throat, were on fire.

It took so long for someone to diagnose my problem, I just wanted to share this with other people so if they experience something like this, they will be better prepared to help their doctor find a solution sooner rather than later.

Virginia Causey, Lexington

Dear Editor,

I read in the Leader that the Tea party was coming to the square at Lexington. They want to look like "grassroots" support but they are selling the same "snake oil" the HL Hunt, John Birch Society, and Heritage Foundation were selling in the late 50's. Their big victory came with the election of Reagan that brought tax cuts, deregulation and the destruction of unions. Who can be against freedom and the flag? Who can be against wasteful government spending and deficits?

Why didn't they complain when Reagan/Bush increased the debt 4 times? Or when W doubled it in 8 years?

Since 1980 90% of the people are no better off. However, the income of the top one percent increased from 3 million to 1,100 million. In 1982 it took only 3 million to get on the Forbes list of the wealthy. In 2007 it took an increase of 18 times that in 1982. It has been "trickle up" economics but the result is that all the increase in wealth has gone to the top. Their taxes have decreased to only 15% because their income is from dividends and capital gains.

This group has drifted so far to the right that Nixon would be considered a socialist. In my opinion they are concerned only with 'me'. Their goal is to undo all that FDR did and to repeal the income tax. I believe in "We the people" and that I am my brother's keeper.

Clifton Seifert, Lexington.

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