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The High Cost of Staying Alive

by Brother Chuck Salmon Bro. Chuck Salmon

Recently, I had to undergo treatment for recurring prostate cancer. The process involved receiving radiation five days a week for eight weeks. I was surprised and delighted at the way I was treated. The oncology radiation gang at Mt. Nittany Medical Center are the greatest. I can't remember when I was treated with more kindness and consideration. They provided television, cookies, beverages, and fresh fruit in the waiting room. (And, there was very little waiting to do.) Everyone was efficient, positive, and friendly. There was sweet fellowship with other patients and visitors during the little time I spent in the waiting room. I was actually sad to see the experience end, even though it had been occasioned by rather fearful circumstances.

Well, the doctors seem confident the cancer is gone and I was feeling pretty good about the entire experience until I saw the bill. Ouch! Triple ouch! It was mind-boggling! I thank the Lord I have insurance to pay all but a small fraction of it.

I would be terribly depressed, worried, and frantic if I had to look forward to paying that entire debt. Shirley and I would be forced to live in poverty the rest of our lives. Even at that, I doubt I could live long enough to satisfy such a debt.

The experience set me to contemplating the debt I owe my Lord. Those "high-dollar" radiation treatments can only, hopefully, prolong my life on earth a few years. Jesus paid the greater price to give me the gift of ETERNAL life. I could never earn it myself. No amount of money could buy it, but;

"Jesus paid it all. "All to Him I owe, "Sin had left a crimson stain.

"He washed it white as snow."

Due to the sin in our lives and His awful sacrifice, we owe God a debt we can never hope to pay. But, there is no need to be depressed, worried, or frantic."Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God." First Peter 3:18 (NIV.) Just accept His payment and enjoy the precious gift of eternal life.

Brother Chuck wrote for the

Leader for probably ten years before he and Shirley moved to Pennsylvania to be close to children and grandchildren. We are happy to print this latest article of his, published in the Lock Haven Express last month.

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