2009-10-22 / Community News

Freedom Rally Coming to Lexington

By Robin Simpson

The Lee County T.E.A. Party (LCTP), a group of concerned citizens and patriots, is hosting a Freedom Rally, on the Square in Lexington on Saturday, October 24, from 10 a.m. 'til noon.

"The purpose of the rally is varied, but generally about freedom loving Americans and their desire to keep freedom secure. LCTP strives for a family friendly atmosphere at all functions, so if you're a first time attendee, youth, or just a curious on-looker, you'll feel secure," says Preacher Joe Paluch.

LCTP is planning for several speakers and live music, so bring your signs, lawn chairs and umbrellas, if required, and spend some time with like-minded folks.

Contact Preacher Joe Paluch, Freedom Rally Coordinator, to volunteer or if you have concerns at 979-542-7320.

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