2009-10-08 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Did the Lexington coaches do a great job in turning the team around in a week? The blocking, tackling, and overall execution was great as compared to Lago Vista. The results were great also. The changes were very subtle. The coaches featured the running game and changed the splits in the offensive line. The better blocking angles and wider splits opened up better running lanes for the backs. Featuring the run and then passing as a complement allowed for 13 of 16 passing instead of 11 of 25. Great job coaches!!!!

The Lady Eagles got back to winning with a three game win over Florence.

The Cowboys are taking a lot of heat. The offense is not playing up to their paychecks. Tony Romo and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett are taking the heat. Maybe the offense needs a bailout from the government because the millionaires are not producing on the field.

The Texans are beginning to play good ball. They have been in every game.

The Tennessee Titans are now 0-4. Kerry Collins has reverted to past performances. Can the second coming of Vince Young be far away? He could save the team if he has learned his lessons while sitting on the bench.

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