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Dear Editor

Dear Editor

I would like to share something I learned as a teacher and principal most of my working life and what I have learned in church and from the Bible. I found that some students had either one of two problems. One of the problems was that they thought they were better than others. Some became bullies or gang leaders. Some were always putting down other students about how dumb they were or how stupid.

When we look at adults we know where they get their ideas. Some individuals are superior athletically or mentally, but some people judge themselves morally superior to other people, people that are different. They look at other people and say, "I know I am better than that person."

I am afraid there is bad news. God does not grade A, B, C. He grades pass, fail. And we all fail. Remember those confirmation verses? "For all have sinned and fall short." "Death comes to all because all have sinned." "All our righteous acts are as filthy rags."

On judgment day we will be in the same boat with those we despise the most, crying out to God, "Have mercy on me." The good news is that He will.

Clifton Seifert

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