2009-10-01 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Coaches gripe about the officiating almost every time they come up on the losing end of a game. However, Friday night's crew (referees) was not one of the better groups we have seen. They did not have their acts together or want to officiate much.

A simple call, such as an illegal shift, where two players are in motion at the snap of the ball, happened several times. Only once did the referee call the infraction and the referee that made the call was the linesman, who was standing twenty or thirty yards from the play. And he made the call then only because the Eagle staff was filling his ear. It was a different referee's call to make and he did not.

I know officials can have off games. I know this because I officiated basketball for nearly 20 years. You know when you are having a bad game and have to step it up some to keep the game under control.

The officials Friday were an older crew that appeared to be wishing they were somewhere else.

In any case, all officials should strive to do their best for the sake of the athletes who have worked hard to prepare for the contest. Football, unlike basketball, is a game where youngsters can be seriously hurt on every play if the rules are not enforced.

The Lady Eagle volleyball team is continuing to improve. They played a really good Rogers team, really close for three games Tuesday night. They still have a chance to be a factor in the district race if they continue to improve the rest of the season.

The Cross Country team is doing well. They seem to be developing depth, so that if one runner has an off day, the others can pick up his or her slack and have the team still do well.

Did the Texans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory Sunday? Absolutely. Will they be a winning franchise this season? No, they are playing a tougher schedule than last year due to their good showing last season.

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