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County Increases Taxes

At the regular meeting of the Lee County Commissioner's Court on Monday, September 28, 2009, The Court adopted the County's 2009- 2010 Budget. The Court also ratified the tax revenue increase reflected in this new budget. The tax rate to support this budget will be $0.6378 per hundred dollar valuation and is an increase of 6.55% over last year. By use of some of the County's reserve funds the new budget will be balanced. Precinct 4 Commissioner Linda Kovar voted to not approve the new tax rate. In the new budget the bounty for coyotes was reduced from $20 to $10 per animal.

After receiving the budget from the Lee County Appraisal District for approval, the Court took no action. This reflects some concerns of the Court regarding items and increases in the Appraisal Districts' Budget for which the Court had no answers. In other Appraisal District action, the Court approved these five people to serve on the Appraisal District Board: Alton Weiser, Fred Jones, Frank Partee, John Schumann, and Ron Jones.

The Court approved a new $5 fee for the District Clerk's Office to fund the Preservation and Restoration Records Plan. This is in keeping with state law and corresponds with a similar fee in place with the County Clerk's Office.

At the request of Luminant, no action was taken to allow a revision to the existing drainage pattern south of CR 304. This is expected to be brought up at a later meeting.

The State is insisting that a Committee be appointed to prepare a Data Reporting Improvement Plan for the county. This required improvement is being put in place throughout the State with the intent of providing current and more complete records to the Justice System concerning the records of those in the System. The members of the Committee are the Sheriff, County Attorney, District Clerk, County Clerk, Police Chiefs of both Giddings and Lexington, and the Data Processing representative from the County Clerk's Office.

The Court also approved a new written policy concerning rules and fees for use of County facilities, such as the Courthouse, County offices, and other facilities. This will not cover non-government owned facilities such as Volunteer Fire Department facilities.

The Court also approved allowing the Giddings Police Department to use the Courthouse lawn for the upcoming 'National Night Out' set for October 6, 2009.

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