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Blinn College Records 10% Increase With 17,000 + Students

Blinn College set another enrollment record in Fall 2009 with 17,245 students, a 10.23 percent increase from Fall 2008. The unofficial 12th class day figures include students on the four campuses, online, and in high schools and prisons. The home campus in Brenham recorded an 8.46% increase to 2,371. The Bryan campus registered a record 11,872 students, which is the second consecutive year with an eight percent increase. The Schulenburg campus enrollment held steady with 194 students. The Sealy campus increased its enrollment by 38.68 percent to 147 students.

The college experienced a 25.88 percent increase in high school students taking Blinn classes with 1,503 enrolled plus 214 students at Bryan Collegiate High School. Blinn also had 208 students in state and federal prisons. Students taking only online courses accounted for 711. Some students attend more than one campus including taking dual credit and distance education courses. Students listed at TEEX are participating in the Texas Engineering Extension Service's fire and police academies.

Blinn also set a record in contact hours increasing 11.41 percent from 2,984,632 to 3,325,260. The larger increase in contact hours indicates students taking more classes than in previous semesters. It is contact hours, rather than headcount, on which state funding is based.

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