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City Council Votes No New Taxes

Lexington City Council met last Wednesday and voted unanimously to adopt the 2009 tax rate at .4609 per $100 value, which is exactly the same as the 2008 tax rate. This is a welcomed vote considering that the county property taxes are expected to increase from $.5728 to $.6275 per $100 value this year.

The City Council also voted to adopt the proposed budget , which will be slightly higher than last year's budget of $2,807,104; however, this vote was not unanimous. The budget proposal motion was presented by Lori Barnikow and seconded by Tim Brown. Tony Tavary, along with Barnikow and Brown, voted for the budget, while the Langehennig brothers, William and Greg, voted against it. Detailed City Budget information will be available from the City and printed in the Leader within the next few weeks.

The Council also voted to keep the solid waste service rates at the current amount, for the next three months, until the City has an opportunity to meet with Allied Waste to make adjustments to the formula used to figure the waste service rates.

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