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Student's Quick Thinking Saves Lives

On Wednesday, August 26, at about 12:40 p.m., two Giddings High School students were involved in a two vehicle accident on Highway 77 less than two miles north of Giddings. Vinson Anthony Gonzales was driving a 2003 Chevrolet Impala with a passenger, Trey A. Masek. They were headed south on Hwy. 77 when Gonzales apparently lost consciousness and traveled across the center of the roadway into oncoming traffic.

Recognizing that something was wrong with Gonzales, Masek grabbed control of the steering wheel just prior to impact with an oncoming vehicle, a 2005 Ford F250 pickup truck driven by Michael D. Castleberry from Stafford, Texas.

Masek was able to turn the vehicle to the right, striking the pickup on the left side and bringing the Impala to a stop in the left ditch facing south while Castleberry turned his pickup around and stopped behind Gonzales and Masek.

DPS Trooper Jeremy D. Weiser was first on the scene and investigated the incident.

Gonzales remained unresponsive and was transported to Dell Children's Hospital in Austin by B & M Ambulance for a condition unrelated to the crash. He was released from the hospital Friday after a battery of tests failed to give conclusive evidence as to the cause of his loss of consciousness.

His father, Victor Gonzales, Game Warden in Lee County for the Texas Parks and Wildlife, said, "The doctors ran a large number of tests on him, including CAT scans, cardio tests and neurological tests. All we know at this time is that he suffered some kind of fainting or passing out episode that may have been caused by any number of things, including dehydration, anxiety or stress. From what we've learned, these types of episodes are not all that uncommon, so we are learning how to understand potential symptoms in order to be prepared if it should happen again. We're just happy that he's okay. We're grateful for Trey's quick thinking that may have saved both their lives. We're also thankful for our friends and neighbors who are helping in many ways and we're glad things are getting back to normal."

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