2009-08-27 / School

Giddings-Burnet Scrimmage

by Mike Organ

Coach Derek Fitzhenry was pleased with the Buffalo performance against Burnet in last week's scrimmage. "The scrimmage went good, we improved from last week. We ran the ball well, threw it well, and caught well offensively. Defensively we are coming together better each outing. If we continue to improve, we can be a very good football team."

Offensively the Buffs played 20- 25 people trying to find out who they can count on in the regular season. The offensive line is improving as they learn each other and perform together as a unit. With the addition of Connor Wehr at quarterback the line is going to be called on to pass block more than in the past. Wehr's passing is a definite weapon. Pass protection is a harder skill to learn than run blocking. The run blocking is a product of the program. Even though the offensive line group has not played much varsity football, they know who to block, and now are learning skills on how to get the job done.

The defense played better than their outing against Rockdale. They too are playing 20-25 of the 43 varsity football players on defense trying to develop depth for the upcoming season. "We are very fortunate to have an abundance of team speed, so we can get a lot of players to the football quickly. Team speed is a definite asset that we plan to use with our defense."

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