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Giddings Police Report

August 10, 2009

At approximately 10:39 a.m., a resident of Giddings came into the GPD lobby to report a lost Texas drivers license that was lost on Wednesday, 8-5-09 from the parking lot of Laser Wash located in the 1400 blk of E. 290.

August 11, 2009

At approximately 1:07 p.m., Officer Shepard was advised by dispatch of a complainant by the name of William Kubena of Dime Box, Texas, stating that he had a credit card stolen from him. Officer Shepard contacted William via telephone. He stated that while eating at D's in Dime Box on July 31, 2009 between the hours of 12:00 and 1:00 p.m., he believes that his Chase credit card was stolen from the console of his truck, due to the fact that he leaves his doors unlocked. William stated that he had another credit card that he had been using; therefore he did not know that it had been stolen and used until he received his bank statement in the mail. William advised that he believes the card was stolen on July 31 because all of the transactions were made on August 1, 2009. Officer Shepard advised William that he would need a copy of the bank statement and he later brought it in. According to the bank statement, there were four unauthorized transactions made on August 1, 2009 as follows: (1) Wal- Mart in Giddings for $245.19, (2) Wal- Mart in Giddings for $22.03, (3) Dollar General in Giddings for $25.68 and (4) Exxon Mobil in Giddings for $27.02. William stated that he has contacted Chase in reference to the matter. William also stated that the credit card had a $1,500 limit and the suspect had reached the maximum limit and could not use the card any further. The case will be passed to CID for further investigation.

August 12, 2009

Detective Corporal Carvin met with Tammy Keres at the GPD in reference to credit card abuse. Detective Carvin was advised prior that two Hispanic females had made a purchase using a debit card at Brookshire Brothers in the amount of $330.28. The suspects then fled the store when they were asked for identification. The card that was used in the transaction at Brookshire Brothers belonged to Mrs. Keres. This case is active and under investigation.

August 13, 2009

At 11:52 a.m., Officer Spencer was dispatched to the Dollar General in reference to a theft. The suspects had fled the area in a white Ford four door. Officer Spencer located the suspect vehicle in the 600 blk of E. Austin. The vehicle turned north on Madison and then east on Brenham. A traffic stop was made in the 400 blk of E. Brenham. The occupants of the vehicle threw a purse out of the vehicle in the 200 blk of N. Madison. The purse contained stolen property from Dollar General and drug paraphernalia. Jessica Harris (21) was cited for Theft and released. Bobby Allbritton (27) was cited for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and released. Cpl. Carvin assisted in locating the stolen property and recovery of evidence.

August 13, 2009

At 1:21 p.m., Officer Spencer and Cpl. Carvin were dispatched to the Dollar General in reference to a theft. Angelica Perez reported that a female had stolen items from the store and left. Perez called back and advised that the suspect had returned to the store. When Officer Spencer arrived, he found the suspect in the store. Dana Thompson (37) admitted that she had stolen from the store earlier and then returned. She stated that she had stolen some socks and shampoo. Thompson showed two prior convictions for theft. Thompson was placed under arrest for Theft with Two prior convictions (State Jail Felony). Thompson was transported to the Lee County Jail.

August 13, 2009

At approximately 1:34 a.m., Officer Ray and Sgt. Ramsey received a call that a subject was ramming his vehicle into the Bernie's building and had rammed other vehicles in the parking lot. A subject identified as Thomas Kieschnick was found to be operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in a public place. Kieschnick was arrested for DWI Class B and Criminal Mischief Class A.

August 14, 2009

While on routine patrol, at approximately 12:54 a.m., Officer Ray and Sgt. Ramsey were dispatched to 274 Gruetzner in reference to a female standing in the middle of the street yelling and trying to fight. Upon arrival, Officer Ray observed a male and female subject standing in the street and several other subjects standing in the driveway to the residence. Officer Ray observed that there was broken glass on the roadway. He met first with the female identified as Amanda Christianson, 19 year old W/F, who stated that in the residence. Christianson seemed very upset and was crying. Officer Ray observed that she had a busted lip and a scrape on her chin. He then met with the male subject who was identified as Anthony Marquez Lang, a 20 year old B/M, who stated that Christianson is his ex-girlfriend and they had dated off and on from high school. Lang stated that two other females had brought him to the residence for a gathering. Lang stated that Christianson was already at the home. He stated that a verbal argument started between them so he walked out. Lang stated that he then returned and lay down on a bed by himself. He said Christianson came up to him and struck him in the side of the head with her hand. Lang stated that the other subjects in the home became upset at Christianson for hitting him and another argument began. Lang stated that he started to defend Christianson and kept her from the crowd. He stated that he escorted her out of the home and did not see anybody hit her. Lang stated that once outside he went back into the home for about ten minutes but then came back outside. Lang said at that point someone must have brought alcohol outside because Christianson was holding alcohol. He stated that he took the alcohol and threw it onto the roadway breaking the bottles. Sgt. Ramsey identified the person that struck Christianson as Rheala Bree Green, 30 year old W/F. Other subjects identified as Esmeralda Gonzales Reyes, Madison Paige Griffin, and Heather Kaehn. Sgt. Ramsey advised that the information she received was that when Lang was escorting Christianson out of the home Green came up and hit Lang several times. Photos of Christianson's injuries were taken. Christianson did not wish to press charges. Lang did not have any visible injuries. Lang and Christianson do not live together and do not have children together. At the direction of officers Lang did clean up the broken glass on the roadway.

August 14, 2009

At approximately 4:23 a.m., Sgt. Ramsey observed several vehicles in the Rolling Oaks Apt with shaving cream on them. The following vehicles were identified: Blue Cadillac with "slob" written on the truck; Grey Hyundai with "fatty" on windshield; Grey Hyundai with "hunch back" written on front and back windshield; white Dodge with "hoe" on the windshield; white Buick with "s" on the windshield and tan Ford truck with "hi get it I'm gay" on the windshield. All of the words were written in shaving cream that had a strong fruity scent. Officer Ray assisted in looking for more vehicles that were involved. The blue Cadi was a mess on the inside and it appeared that someone had gone through the center console ( it was open). The vehicle also appeared to be unlocked. Sgt. Ramsey was unable to locate the owner information for the vehicle. She wiped off the trunk of the blue Cadi to prevent any paint damage. The officers went to the apartments at 548 W. Austin where Sgt. Ramsey had seen a group of females earlier in the shift. She observed the same shaving cream on the ground of the parking lot. The females had been riding around in a maroon 4-door. The vehicle was occupied with five females. Sgt. Ramsey took photos of the vehicles involved. Officer Ray located the vehicle and made contact with it at the 300 blk of S. Polk. The driver was identified as Jasmine Fuselier. Officer Ray asked if they had been putting shaving cream on vehicles and she replied "No". Sgt. Ramsey approached on the passenger side and observed a pink can of shaving cream on the passenger side floor board. She retrieved the can as evidence. The passengers were identified as: Erica Willrich, Trinesha Robinson, Shartoria Hansion, and Courtney Farr. Courtney and Jasmine admitted to writing on the vehicles but stated that they did not enter any of the vehicles. The females stated that it was only a joke and that the vehicles belonged to the family and friends. They did not think that charges would be pursued by the registered owners. Sgt. Ramsey advised them that if the owner did she would be making contact with all of them. Sgt. Ramsey took a photo of the shaving cream for evidence.

August 14, 2009

At approximately 9:02 a.m., Officer Griffin responded to the Hilltop Chevron located at 829 W. Austin in reference to a call-forservice. Upon arrival he spoke with Tonya Renae Kessel, complainant, an employee of the business, who stated that she had found a purse inside the women's restroom. She further stated she did not look inside the purse because she did not want to be accused of taking anything. Officer Griffin looked through the purse and located a cellular telephone and dialed 2 numbers. On the 2nd attempt, he spoke with an "Allyson" who stated she was the daughter of the owner of the purse, later identified as Joyce Cunningham Andrews. Officer Griffin informed her that her mother's purse and other items inside of it had been located and she stated her mother had left with someone else from Austin to the airport in Houston. She called back later and had attempted to contact the person's phone with whom Andrews was traveling, but was unsuccessful. Officer Griffin had provided Allyson with his number and left the main Police Department number and informed her the purse and its contents would be left at the Police Department. There were several credit cards, 2 sets of keys, $4 in cash and several other misc. items inside the purse. Officer Griffin documented only the items that would be considered valuable and added them to the property section of the report. Allyson stated her mother would be back sometime this weekend to pick up her purse.

August 14, 2009

At approximately 6:26 p.m., Officer Shepard was advised by dispatch of a theft that had occurred at the Giddings High School locker room approximately 1 hour before the call. Upon arrival he met with the complainant, James Crockett, who stated that his son had a pair of $200 Nike tennis shoes stolen from the locker room while his son was taking pictures. Officer Shepard asked James Sr. to have his son step outside so they could speak. James, Jr. stated that approximately 5:30 some students who were not taking pictures anymore were back in the locker room. After taking his pictures, James Jr. went back into the locker room to his locker and noticed that his shoes were gone from his locker that was not completely locked due to a faulty combination lock. James asked the people in the locker room where his shoes were and no one knew who had them. He immediately let the coaches know, but none of them contracted the police. Once he arrived back home barefooted, he advised his father who is a Lee County Sheriff Deputy and he contacted the Giddings Police Department. Officer Shepard advised both father and son that if they hear anything or see anyone with his shoes, to contact the Giddings Police Department.

August 15, 2009

At approximately 5:30 p.m., Officer Griffin was inside the Chevron (Giddings Food Mart) located at 374 E. Austin and was informed by Erika Hernandez, complainant, a clerk at the location that the restroom had been vandalized. Officer Griffin went to the restroom and observed graffiti on the interior of the restroom door, towards the top of the door. It consisted of illegible lettering and numbers in black and red colors. He took a photograph of the graffiti and included it in the case folder. There was no suspect information. Hernandez was provided with the officer's business card and the report number.

August 16, 2009

At approximately 12:17 a.m. Sgt. Ramirez was on patrol in a marked City of Giddings patrol unit patrolling the Ramada Inn parking lot located at 4002 E. Austin and was flagged down by the hotel clerk, identified as Jane Harold who asked for assistance in having four subjects removed from the pool area which was closed at 10:00 p.m. and was locked with a padlock. There were two females and two male subjects in the pool area. They had jumped the fence which is constructed of part wooden fence and part metal fencing. Harold stated that she does not have a key to unlock the gate. She stated that the only person with a key is the maintenance man. The subjects were identified as Wendy Parker, Meredith Pardue, Reed Smith, and Steven Norman. As Sgt. Ramirez was talking to Harold, Parker was climbing over the metal part of the fence and had one leg over the fence and was attempting to get the other leg over. As she got down Sgt. Ramirez realized that she was bleeding from her left leg. Parker stated that she was cut as she was going over the fence. He gave her some paper towels to apply pressure on the wound and asked her if she needed EMS and they stated that she would need their assistance. Sgt. Ramirez had dispatch call and have EMS enroute. Parker stated that as she was going over the fence, one of the metal bars, which was in a square shape approximately ½ inch wide, had penetrated her inner left thigh. Sgt. Ramirez looked at the fencing and observed a metal pole with flesh still on it with blood stains. Photos of the scene were taken and placed in the case report. EMS arrived on scene and stated that she would need to be transported because Parker had a puncture wound approximately three to four inches in depth and approximately ½ inch round wound. Pardue rode along with the EMS to St. Mark's Medical Hospital in La Grange. As Sgt. Ramirez was speaking with the other subjects they admitted it is their fault for jumping the fence to go swimming without permission.

August 16, 2009

At approximately 6:31 p.m. Officer Shepard was advised by dispatch of a gas drive off at the Allstar Convenience Store. The caller, Beatrice Alvarado who was working the register gave dispatch Stephanie Aderhold a license plate number on a grey Mazda3 and stated they were headed Eastbound on Hwy 290. Officer Shepard was unable to locate the vehicle so he went back to Allstar to speak with Beatrice. She stated that the female used a credit card that was declined but still turned on the pump for her. Beatrice stated that she thought the woman was looking for money in her purse while pumping her gas, but the woman got back into her car and drove off without paying for the gas which was totaled at $26.21.

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