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Texas Department of Agriculture Announces Results Of Initial Broadband Survey

Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples announced today results of the Broadband Access Survey, which provides a preliminary glimpse of communities that do not currently have access to highspeed Internet service. The Texas Department of Agriculture surveyed local governments across the state to gather this data prior to the official mapping of the state for broadband availability.

Entities interested in applying for the federal broadband funding programs may access the survey results on the agency's websiteat

"In the late 1800s, electricity revolutionized America and reinvented our economy," Commissioner Staples said.

"Today broadband service has the same potential. For the Lone Star State to remain a global powerhouse of production we must ensure all Texans have access to high-speed Internet. By developing a strategic plan for broadband development, we will accomplish our goals of connecting all Texans."

The survey remains active, and local government officials may continue to submit their input. Survey results will be posted as new information is available.

In coordination with the Texas Broadband Task Force and Connected Nation, a non-profit corporation that facilitates public-private partnerships to increase access and use of broadband and related technology, TDA will utilize the results of the survey to develop priority corridors (or regions) where unserved or underserved Texans could benefit from the available $7.2 billion Congress has appropriated for broadband mapping and development projects.

The Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) includes a provision that allows states to review and recommend applications for projects in their jurisdictions.

For more information about the Broadband Access Survey, visit the TDA Web site at and click on Broadband for All Texans under Most Popular Links.

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