2009-08-13 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…

by Mike Organ

Well the High School sports seasons are underway. There have been several interested parents and other onlookers enjoying the practices in football and the scrimmages in volleyball.

UT has been rated the #2 college football team in the nation by preseason polls. That is a lofty status with a big bulls eye placed directly on the team. Everyone will take their shot at the Horns. UT will have to be on their game for 11 complete games. That is something they have not been able to do in years past.

The Texas Rangers have developed some outstanding young pitching to go along with their home run hitters. If the hurlers hold up, a postseason playoff spot may be waiting for them. The Astros also have hitting, but their pitching is falling apart with injuries and inconsistency. They likely will not make the playoffs until they can get more reliable players on the mound.

America's team, the Dallas Cowboys, has been relatively quiet during early training camp. Are they down that much or is there a blue and silver storm brewing that will blow the NFL away once the season starts?

Vince Young is probably on his way out of the NFL unless he is willing to play another position or be a career backup. He is a fantastic athlete but not the type of quarterback that the NFL teams currently demand. Can he face the future not being the man?

Which NFL team will give Michael Vick a chance? He is similar to VY in that he is a great athlete, but he never led the Falcons to consistent success before getting dog bitten.

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