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Sheriff 's Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

August 3, 2009

Fayette County advised Lee County regarding a gas drive off in their city. The vehicle was last seen heading towards Giddings on Hwy 77. Deputy Lapham located the vehicle just north of Hwy 21. The vehicle returned to pay $52.55 for their gas.

A caller reported that her boyfriend was passed out and she could not get him to wake up. She advised that he did not have any known medical problems. B&M ambulance and Deputy Robertson were dispatched and later a helicopter was dispatched to transport the patient.

A female caller reported that her vehicle had broken down on the side of the roadway on Hwy 290 East near FM 180. She had a wrecker on the way but she wanted a ride to the Sheriff's Office. Deputy Carvin arrived at the scene the same time her parents did so her parents waited with her.

While on routine patrol Deputy Robertson checked on a male subject walking down FM 2440. The male stated that he was out for a walk and had a friend on the way to pick him up.

Giddings Police requested a deputy assist with a medical alarm at a residence on E. Hempstead. All their units were out on a call. Deputy Robertson responded and reported everything to be okay. EMS was not needed.

August 4, 2009

Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to a dead deer on Hwy 77 just north of Lexington. The roadway was cleared.

A motorist reported a car parked in front of Vadies with its headlights on. Deputy Aderhold checked on the vehicle and reported that the driver was a friend of the owner and she is waiting on him.

A caller reported that two mailboxes were removed from addresses on Stockade Ranch Road in Bastrop County and thrown into the ditch on CR 200. Deputy Kothmann was dispatched.

Captain Gonzales, Chief Deputy Kothmann, Deputy Lapham and Deputy York responded to a call on PR 4052 in Lexington after a woman reported that her husband went after her with a machete and was trying to kill her. She had locked herself and her children in the bathroom. Investigation continues and charges are pending.

Deputy York was dispatched to cows out on FM 141. Dispatch contacted the owner and advised him to fix his fence.

A caller spoke to Chief Deputy Kothmann regarding her 2001 Dodge truck stolen while she was on her way to Missouri, and someone had called her and told her it was at a local business on FM 448. The vehicle was located and towed to the Lee County Sheriff's Office impound yard where the vehicle will be processed for prints.

August 5, 2009

Deputy Aderhold and Deputy Carvin were dispatched to check out two suspicious vehicles on FM 180 in Ledbetter. Before their arrival the complainant called back and advised that the vehicles had left the scene.

A caller advised that a male subject just left their office and stated that he was depressed and wanted to kill his wife and himself. Deputy York checked on the subject who stated that he was upset but not suicidal. He was frustrated with the lack of care and treatment that his wife was receiving from the nursing home in Rockdale.

A resident on CR 424 in Dime Box reported that two teenage boys were trespassing on the property. Deputy Carvin located the juveniles and gave them a courtesy ride to their residences. Both juveniles were issued criminal trespass warning and told to stay off the property.

Sheriff Meyer responded to a one vehicle rollover on Hwy 77 @ CR 217. B&M was called to the scene to check for injuries. The driver and her passengers were taken to the Sheriff's Office where they waited for their ride.

A caller reported that someone was burning a large pile of trash on FM 141 just before CR 439. Deputy Aderhold searched the area but did not locate anyone burning.

Deputy Carvin took a report from a complainant who advised that someone had stolen the air cleaner off of his truck. Investigation continues on this case.

August 6, 2009

A complainant walked into the lobby and reported that she had been assaulted by her ex boyfriend. Charges were filed and the subject was arrested for assault with bodily injury.

Chief Deputy Kothmann checked on a female on PR 7037 after he received a call reporting that she may try to harm herself. Everything was okay.

A caller reported that his wife had taken an unknown quantity of pills and had been drinking Vodka and wine all night. She was breathing but unconscious. Air Evac transported the patient to the hospital.

Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched to check welfare of a diabetic on Hwy 77 in Lexington. Lexington Officer Sherer took the call and reported that everyone was okay.

A caller reported that she went to pick up her grandkids and her daughter-in-law's mother was refusing to give them to her. Deputy Easley responded to the call. The father of the children was unable to take the kids because he did not have the proper child safety seats.

Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched to check on a suspicious vehicle on Hwy 77 @ CR 329 in Lexington. The caller reported that the vehicle had been idle for three hours.

August 7, 2009

Two motorists reported a dark Chevrolet S10 was driving all over the road on Hwy 290 East. Deputy Aderhold pulled the vehicle over in town and the driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

A caller reported that her electricity had been out for approx 30 minutes and she had already called BBEC. Now she advised there is a vehicle on the property driving very slowly and had stopped. Deputy Easley arrived on the scene and advised it was BBEC on site. The caller was notified.

The Sheriff's Office received a call from a mother stating that her daughter had been assaulted by a male subject who lived in a trailer near the Lincoln Post Office and she was on her way to pick her up. Deputy Easley met the complainant and the victim and searched the residence. The male had run out of the back door and into the woods. A report was taken.

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Crockett arrested a juvenile on a warrant for aggravated sexual assault. The juvenile probation officer was contacted and all items in the case were recovered.

A caller reported that a male subject had assaulted her and his wife. She stated that her son gave the male subject a ride to cool off but he jumped out of the vehicle while it was moving somewhere between CR 309 and CR 316. Deputy Lapham, Deputy Durrenberger, Chief Deputy Kothmann and Deputy York responded to the scene. The subject was located and arrested for assault.

August 8, 2009

Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to a loud music complaint from Town & Country Trailer park. The resident advised he would turn it down.

A motorist reported a rollover accident on FM 3403. Deputy Easley and Deputy Aderhold responded to the scene to assist with traffic control.

A caller reported that he was just assaulted by a male subject at Westwood Villa apartments. He reported that they just left in a gray SUV and were heading towards town. Giddings Police stopped the vehicle for Deputy Aderhold. One subject was arrested and booked for assault.

Deputy York checked welfare of a woman who called her friend and stated that she needed help and then hung up the phone. The friend stated that she is on oxygen and lives alone. Deputy York advised that her oxygen machine needed to be reset.

Several motorists reported lots of cattle out on FM 1697 near FM 180. Deputy Robertson was dispatched and the cows were put up.

Dispatch received multiple 9-1- 1 hang up calls from the same number. Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to CR 316 to check and ensure everything was all right.

Deputy Carvin advised that someone wanted to file a criminal mischief report at Sons of Herman Hall. Deputy Durrenberger met with them and a report was filed.

A resident on CR F wanted to file a runaway report. Deputy Aderhold was informed that her juvenile daughter had left the house on foot. She tried to get her back into the car but she refused. The mother received a call from her brother in Elgin stating that her daughter was there. The mom was okay with the arrangement.

August 9, 2009

A caller requested a deputy come to his house because he was having an argument with his mom regarding his medication. Deputy York was dispatched.

A motorist reported a truck pulling a trailer was having vehicle problems and was blocking the outside lane of Hwy 77 North passed the high school. Deputy York assisted with traffic control.

The Sheriff's Office received a call from a resident at Westwood Villa Apartments advising that several juveniles were tearing up the maintenance building. Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched.

Deputy Robertson and Deputy Durrenberger were dispatched to Hwy 77 North after a caller reported that her adult son stole her go-cart.

A resident on CR 201 called and advised that someone was shooting a gun in his pasture. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Robertson were dispatched.

Jail Report Jail Count: 41

Males: 36 Females: 5

The Lee County Sheriff's Office investigated for the month of July, 1 Burglary, 2 Thefts, 1 Assault and 1 Assault family violence. The burn ban is still in effect.

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