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Giddings Library Corner

By Loree Rost

The Giddings Public Library has many items beside books for patrons to use. There are CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes as well as books for patrons to check out. Be sure you have a library card so you can take advantage of all of the items you might want to use.

There is also the wonderful collection of Indian artifacts and arrowheads that is one of the best and largest in the state.

Recently the memorial to Hilton Lee Smith, a baseball pitcher and native of Giddings, has been added to the library. Plan to spend some time at the library and find out what all is available for your use.

Now available for checkout are the Texas Lone Star Award Books for 2009 for children. Independence Hall is about two teenage children traveling with their rock band. Waiting For Normal has Addie trying to cope with her mother's odd behavior. Diamond Willow takes place in a remote area of Alaska. There are a total of 20 new books in this collection.

The Texas Bluebonnet Award Books for 2009 has a total of 22 new books for children ages 4 to 12. Pale Male: Citizen Hawk of New York City is the true-life story of a red-tailed hawk. Lady Liberty is a tale about the Statue of Liberty. Some other titles are Martina The Beautiful Cockroach, Gollywhopper Games, Luck of The Loch Ness Monster, and Where Live.
Library Hours:
Monday - Friday
10:00am - 6:00pm
10:00a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday

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