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Dear Editor,

Today, where are the Henry Gonzales? Barbra Jordons?

The recent "Tea" parties appeared patriotic. But it's politics, as usual, selling "snake oil" to misguided people who started with rich oil men in 1950's, reached its climax with the Heritage Foundation and election of Reagan. Don't believe their mouthpiece, Fox News or the "dopehead" so popular on radio. To get your facts, "Google" these important measurements of a healthy society.

"total national debt" Debt compared to GNP went from 120% under Roosevelt to about 30%. When Reagan took over it increased to 65%. decreased under Clinton, then increased to 80% under Bush.

"income distribution" Compared to 1980, 90% of people are no better off today. The income for top 1% increased from $3,000,000 to $1,100,000,000.

"wealth distribution" In 2004 10% of the people had 71.2% of the wealth. The bottom 60% had only 4%.To get on Forbes 400 in 82 it took $91M, in 2007 it took $1,340M.

"taxes" Walmart owners never pay more than 15% on their income (dividends). Any worker making $90,000 has a payroll tax of 13% on the first dollar plus 25% income tax.

We have become "the promised land" for the Rich. "Tea party" solutions are lower taxes (for the rich), privatizing, less regulation, no unions, low wages. The people funding these "tea" parties are the same ones writing those $100,000 checks to the reelection campaigns.

Today, politicians must become whores of the rich to be reelected.

Clifton Seifert

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