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Coaches Convention and Coaching School

Texas High School Coaches Association
by Mike Organ

Lexington coaches along with about 10,000 other coaches in the state of Texas will be in Austin this week. They will be learning from Coaches like Mack Brown, Rick Barnes and Wes Kittley, the subject matter to include some fine points to impart to their charges in the upcoming season. Another important part of the meeting will be to renew acquaintances that have been dormant since last year's convention.

Mack Brown's lecture is titled "How We Win at Texas" — First and foremost is to recruit the best players available. Coach Brown has spent a lot of time cultivating relationships with innumerable high school coaches which creates somewhat of a talent pipeline for UT. They are so far ahead of the game they have almost completed their recruiting for this year and have verbal commitments from most they have offered. Coach Brown is real serious when he offers an underclassman a scholarship. He reportedly told one recruit who wanted to travel to other schools 'just to look', "When my wife and I got married, she told me I couldn't date anymore. When you accept my offer of a scholarship, I consider us married."

Texas also tries to hire the best assistant coaches available because Coach Brown is the CEO of the whole operation and deals with the media on a daily basis. The assistant coaches and student assistants are the people that put in the weekly game plan and see the necessary information gets to the players for optimum performance.

Rick Barnes will talk about "Texas Basketball". The Longhorn basketball team needs the proper skills to play at the D-1 college level. Team chemistry is then the next most important aspect to consider. The players have to mesh and play well together. Anyone can do the X's and O's. Getting the top effort out of players on an every game basis is the key to a top ten program and in being invited to March Madness annually.

Wes Kittley ,Texas Tech's track coach, will speak on the proper training techniques for the 800 meter runner. Caoch Kittley has had a lot of success with this area of track. There are other presentations on track to take in all other areas of competition.

There will be several discussions on injuries to athletes. The first topic covered on Monday was;"Concussions, the Current Concept". The severity of head injuries, in football especially, are hard to detect on the sidelines. Athletes will generally tell you they are okay, so they can get back into competition. That may not always be the case and the best information available is always necessary.

The second discussion on injuries concerns the knee: "ACL Injuries: Focus on Prevention" is the second training topic to be covered at the convention. The ACL injury has become the most debilitating leg problem for all athletes since today's athlete is faster and better weight trained than their predecessors.

The Basketball All-Star game was played at the Frank Erwin Center on Monday night with two players from each of the UIL classifications.

The All-Star Football game was played at DKR-Memorial Stadium on Tuesday night.

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