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Giddings Police Report

July 15, 2009

At approximately 12:44 am, Sgt. Ramirez checked on a suspicious vehicle at the Lee County General Store located at 1790 W. Austin St., which was closed for business. The vehicle was identified as a white 1998 Dodge pickup truck. Sgt. Ramirez made contact with the driver identified as John Pfullman, and he stated that he was just getting a drink from the coke machine. The vehicle was pulling a long goose neck trailer and was parked in a parking spot facing the building located on the west side of the building. A check on his driver's license revealed that he had an outstanding Parole Warrant for Parole Violation. The warrant was confirmed. Lee County Sheriff's Deputy Derrick Easley and Officer Adam Shepard arrived and assisted. Mr. Pfullman was placed under arrest for the warrant and transported to the Lee County Sheriff's Department Jail for process. Mr. Pfullman asked if his friend could pick up the truck. His friend identified as Michael Dallmeyer took custody of the vehicle and left it in the parking lot of the business.

July 15, 2009

At approximately 7:20 am, Detective Carvin and Officer Connolly were dispatched to a burglary at KP Food Mart located at 791 E. Austin. Officer Connolly was already on scene and upon Detective Carvin's arrival she observed that there appeared to be no forced entry to the front of the store. She met with the reporting person who advised that when she came into work she observed that the chain, which is usually wrapped around both bars on the outside of the front door, was not present and the front door was not locked. When she entered the store she observed that the cash register had been pushed onto the floor, numerous lottery tickets were missing, numerous cigars and cigarettes had been stolen, an undetermined number of Bic lighters, several cases of beer and approximately 12 pornographic magazines had been removed from the media rack.

Det. Carvin was able to observe fingerprints on one of the lottery ticket display cases that had been knocked forward and $10, $20, and $50 tickets stolen. She later received the game numbers that are specific to the tickets that were stolen. There was approximately $700 in US currency that was stolen. Det. Carvin asked the clerk about recent employees that had been terminated or who had resigned who did not return their store keys, due to the lack of forced entry evidence. The clerk provided the name of Taylor Lindholm, and stated that he worked at KP for approximately 1 week as well as at The Point in West Point, a convenience store that has the same owner. At the time that Taylor's employment ceased, he still had in his possession the keys to the convenience store and the code for the alarm system. Taylor had not worked at either business in approximately two weeks.

Chief Dennis Rhoten, Capt. Earl Pence and Lt. Dan Harney arrived to assist with processing the scene and Det. Carvin briefed them on the information that they had obtained to that point. Cpt. Pence contacted an investigator with Fayette County Sheriff's Department and provided the information from the burglary at KP.

At approximately 3:00 pm, Det. Carvin received a call from Sgt. Jobb from the Fayette County Sheriff's Department. He advised that upon attempting to serve a warrant at a local apartment complex, he came in contact with Scott Wienken and Taylor Lindholm. Upon speaking with the two subjects, Sgt. Jobb had prior knowledge of the burglary in Giddings. Det. Carvin provided Sgt. Jobb with the game numbers for the lottery tickets that were stolen from KP and other above listed items that were stolen and confirmed that the tickets that were in the apartment occupied by the subjects were the tickets stolen from KP. Other items recovered were a large amount of Bic brand lighters and pornographic magazines. At approximately 4:55, Det. Carvin secured a warrant for Taylor and Scott for burglary of a building. Both subjects were arrested by Fayette County Sheriff's Deputies and were held in the Fayette County Jail. KP Food Mart advised that the estimated total loss was approximately $5,600.00.

July 15, 2009

At approximately 3:34 pm, Lt. Harney met with a complainant identified as Susan Hadley at the police department in reference to credit card abuse.

Mrs. Hadley resides in Washington County and she works at the State School in Giddings. She said that she made a report with Washington County for a lost or stolen debit/credit card but also stated that she believes that a couple of people at her job could have stolen her debit card.

Mrs. Hadley had copies of statements from her bank in Brenham that showed where the debit card was used. All the transactions were made in other jurisdictions except for one that was used at an Exxon in Giddings. Lt. Harney called Capital One bank in Brenham and spoke with Valerie Weiss. Mrs. Weiss looked up the transactions for the Exxon in Giddings where the card was used, but she could not give the exact date. The time of the transaction was 5:20 pm. He went by Buc-ees located at 2375 E. Austin in Giddings and checked the evening of July 6th and July 7th at 17:20 hours which are the dates and times in which Mrs. Weiss believes that the card was used. He checked the gas pump areas where the bank believes the card was used to pump $30.01 of fuel.

According to the complainant, one of the two employees that she works with drives a silver 2003 Dodge pickup. Lt. Harney did not see any vehicles matching the description on the surveillance video. The other co-worker was identified but Mrs. Hadley had no vehicle information for her. Lt. Harney asked Mrs. Wiess to notify him if she receives any more information through the bank.

July 16, 2009

At approximately 9:48 pm, Sgt. Ramsey, Officer Ray and Officer Brewster responded to a call at Pizza Hut in reference to a physical fight. The officers arrived and the fight had already ended. All parties had left the scene but returned. Demetrius Reed and Terrence Brown were the parties involved in the fight. Both parties filed on one another for assault.

July 17, 2009

At approximately 9:02 am, Officer Harrison received a call from dispatch in reference to criminal mischief at 866 N. Main St. Upon arrival, he spoke with the owner, Pascual Gongora, who stated that he noticed at approximately 8:00 am that someone had painted graffiti on the exterior of his building. Mr. Gongora stated that it must have happened between Wednesday July 15 to Thursday July 16. He did not know of anyone who would have done this and estimated it would cost $200 to clean if off the walls.

July 18, 2009

At approximately 9:16 am, Officer Griffin initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle in the 1000 block of W. 290 (Austin) for a traffic violation. The driver, Jennifer Garcia Rodea of Giddings was placed under arrest for Driving While License Invalid/Suspended (Enhanced) and taken to the Lee County Sheriff 's Office and released.

July 19, 2009

At approximately 9:41 am, Officer Harrison was on routine patrol when he noticed a white van speed in the 1500 block of W. Austin. He initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver as Liem Nguyen. A routine check of Mr. Nguyen's driver's license revealed that he was wanted out of Austin PD for Assault Family Violence and Interference With an Emergency Telephone Call. Mr. Nguyen was arrested for the warrants and booked into the Lee County jail without further incident.

July 19, 2009

At approximately 8:43 pm, Sgt. Ramsey and Officer Shepard received a call from dispatch in reference to a reckless driver on E. Austin. Officer Shepard located the vehicle parked at Buc-ee's getting fuel. The driver, identified as Tresa Hopkins was intoxicated and not willing to follow instruction by officers. Sgt. Ramsey placed her under arrest for Public Intoxication and transported her to the LCSO.

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