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Lexington on Short List for Another $250K Grant

The City of Lexington received word this week that it has made the short list as a recipient of another $250,000 Block Grant for waste water treatment plant improvements. If the City does learn next spring that they have been named a recipient, this will be the forth such grant it has received in the last 12 years.

"That's pretty incredible," said Steve Kerbow, owner of Kerbow and Associates Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in helping municipalities receive grants such as these. "It is quite unusual to get two of these grants in a row and really unusual to get three. But to get four is quite remarkable," said Kerbow.

Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr. of Lexington said, "Make no mistake about it, while we really need the funds to help make the improvements that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality have mandated, we could not have been as successful in the competition for these grants without the help of Kerbow and Associates."

The grant is one offered in a biannual competition. According to Kerbow, Lexington has been recommended for the 2010 funding. He said, "The fact that Lexington is named as a potential candidate is really good news. The preliminary numbers have been out for several weeks now and because we haven't heard of any errors in the scoring, we feel pretty confident the City will receive the funding."

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