2009-07-16 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…….

by Mike Organ

I wonder what whiz kid came up with the reasoning behind the top programs in Central Texas? Lexington ranked 35th listed as multiple best sports. Softball, track, and cross country were listed as top sports. We had a state championship in tennis, does that count? I think I remember the football team making the playoffs. Giddings was seventh with baseball listed as the best sport with girls track, and cross country teams mentioned. What about a semi-finalist in football? Boys and girls basketball in the playoffs, softball, boys track? Both schools have well balanced programs that benefit participants in many ways. If they are going to compare schools, get a list of sports all schools participated in and then compare. Lexington doesn't have a soccer program, swim team, or wrestling team so how could we compare to Westlake or Lake Travis?

Salado made the top five overall with a good showing in all sports. The playoffs were there in football, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, and golf won the state championship. They are the Westlake of 2A right now.

Speaking of Westlake……How does the new Westlake coach, Darren Allman get to watch his football players do drills in June or July? Doesn't football practice start in August? There is probably some loop hole for Westlake or is it illegal?

The Rangers are back on top of the AL West tied with the LA Angels. The Astros made it to .500 and then fell back with a loss to the NL's worst team, Washington. Both could make the playoffs but neither probably will.

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