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Texas Conservative Coalition Presents its Courageous Conservative Award to State Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt

The Lexington Masonic Lodge was happy to have Kleinschmidt as a guest on Monday.

In other related news about State Represtntative Tim Kleinschmidt he recieved the Courageous Conservative Award last week..

At a special End-of-Session reception in Austin last week, the Texas Conservative Coalition presented State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt (R-Lexington) with the Courageous Conservative Award.

State Representative Wayne Christian (R-Center), President of TCC, stated: "A courageous conservative works tirelessly to advance and defend conservative principles." Rep. Christian continued: "Based on his adherence to principles and his spirited defense of conservative values, I am pleased to recognize Tim as a Courageous Conservative."

The Texas Conservative Coalition, the conservative caucus of the Texas Legislature, operates under four guiding principles: Limited Government; Individual Liberty; Free Enterprise; and, Traditional Values. Kleinschmidt, who is an active member of the Texas Conservative Coalition, adhered to and upheld these principles in the 81st Legislature.

For example, Rep. Kleinschmidt was a determined advocate for small businesses in Texas. On the House floor, he argued against legislation that would have damaged our state's business climate and increased costs for small businesses across Texas [House Bill 1657, the Entergy bill].

Rep. Kleinschmidt also authored and co-authored a number of significant bills that were enacted, including:

HB 2291, which limits property tax rate increases;

HB 3613, which requires property tax appraisals to consider the residential value of a property rather than potential commercial value;

HB 4765, which increases the franchise tax revenue exemption;

HB 469, which creates incentives for clean energy projects; and,

HB 51, which establishes a funding mechanism for more Tier Once research universities in Texas.

Upon receiving the TCC Courageous Conservative Award, Rep. Kleinschmidt said, "Texans deserve legislators that will protect and promote business, keep taxes low, spend our state revenue wisely, and help keep Texas a wonderful place to live and raise our children. I thank the people of Bastrop, Burleson, Colorado, Fayette, Lee and Brazos Counties for trusting me to represent their interests in the Texas House of Representatives."

Christian said, "Tim Kleinschmidt is a Courageous Conservative with a bright future, and we are proud to count him as a member of the Texas Conservative Coalition. We look forward to continuing to work with him to promote and defend conservative principles."

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