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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I thank my sister, Ruth Marquardt, for giving me section "B" from your June 11th issue. It was about community baseball in Lee County and had a picture of the Lexington baseball team. I remembered many of them.

It brought back memories when Erwin and I were bat boys, retrieved foul balls and sold refreshments at games. Lincoln played in my Uncle Oscar Boriack's pasture on FM 1624. Our two older brothers played for Lincoln, Walter and Gilbert.

Manager for Lincoln was Charlie Kasper and my Uncle Oscar was scorekeeper. One Sunday, Uncle Oscar told Gilbert about a trick play he heard about, and since Gilbert was catcher he was part of it. He gave Gilbert one white round potato to keep in his pocket until the right situation presented itself. Then it happened. There was a runner on 3rd base when Gilbert activated the trick "pick-off" play by throwing the potato into left field. The runner didn't think that wild throw was real, but the coach sent him in only to get tagged out at home plate. After the dust settled and arguments were over, the play was ruled "illegal."

Some other teams I recall, were Ledbetter, Beat Five, Loebau, Manheim, Plum and Giddings. I don't remember what year Lincoln started playing at the Community Hall, but I can remember George Lee Preuss pitching for Lincoln. Also remember Raymond Meyer pitching and that little boy with a uniform on chasing foul balls - Rodney - now Sheriff.

Eldon Fritsche

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