2009-07-09 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The Little League playoffs are underway. Parents, if you would e-mail some game stats to mrosr@verizon.net we will try to get some articles in the paper about your stars. A digital picture or two would be nice to go along with the article.

The school is shut down for a week so everyone can get refreshed. After the break, the administration will start implementing plans already in place for the 2009- 2010 school year. The coaches will be seeing more and more athletes start working out to get ready for the sports year that will be here before you know it.

The Astros are in one of the mildest divisions in MLB. They could actually win the division with a record just over .500. If the Astros pitching holds up and the bats get hot, playoff fever could hit Houston.

The Rangers started off fast, slowed down, and are now vying for first place again. Josh Hamilton's bat is being missed. If he can come back and perform like last season, the Rangers too could make the playoffs.

Could Texas stand two baseball teams in the playoffs during football season? It could place a strain on an avid sports fan.

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