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Commissioner Staples Urges Cities To Apply For Economic Development Grants

Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples is pleased to announce the Texas Department of Agriculture is accepting applications for the Texas Capital Fund , a program that provides more than $10 million in competitive awards each year to cities for infrastructure improvements, real estate acquisition and other enhancements that will help recruit businesses and create jobs.

"The Texas Capital Fund assists in bringing jobs to communities and boosts economic development for a region," Commissioner Staples said. "These grants are a good investment in rural Texas, and I urge city leaders across the state to take advantage of this important opportunity."

The Texas Capital Fund provides funding for economic development projects such as establishing and expanding businesses that create jobs in rural Texas. These funds are awarded under four different programs: Infrastructure Development, Real Estate Development, Main Street Improvements and Downtown Revitalization. Infrastructure Develop- ment awards may be used for projects that include water and sewer lines, road improvements, fiber optic lines and railroad spurs. Real Estate Development awards may be used to acquire, construct or rehabilitate buildings. Main Street Improvements and Downtown Revitalization programs provide grants to non-entitlement cities for the purpose of renovating or constructing sidewalks, lighting, drainage and other infrastructure elements in downtown areas.

Normally, the maximum award amount is $750,000, but the program also funds two $1 million "jumbo" awards each year. The higher dollar amount is available for larger projects that create more jobs.

Applications for the Texas Capital Fund program will be accepted through Sept. 1. For program details and eligibility requirements, visit TDA's Web site at www.TexasAgriculture.gov and search Texas Capital Fund, or call the toll-free Rural Assistance line at (877) 428-7848.

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