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Community Information for Butler Family Needs Following Fire

Mike (Dad) Size 34x30 pants, XL shirts, size 9 shoe Interest - Loves to fish, and collects Clint Eastwood movies.

Casey (Mom) Size 5 or 7 pants or shorts, Med shirt, size 3 shoe (sm foot) Interest - Loves to read classics. (Swiss Family Robinson, Davy Crocket, etc…she also loves to read Guardians of Ga'hoole.

Eric (11) Size 10 shorts and pants, size 10-12 shirt, size 4 1/2 shoe Interest - He is a Boy Scout, and started collecting camping gear.

Stephen (10) Size 14-16 shirt, size 16 Husky shorts/pants, size 7 shoe Interest - He is a Cub Scout, and loves to fish. He had his own fishing stuff.

Christian (9) Size 8 shorts/pants, Size 8-10 shirt, size 3 1/2 shoe Interest - He is a Cub Scout and loves all outside stuff. He loves to climb trees and collects locks (combination locks), he also had a full collection of care bears.

Michaela (7) Size 7/8 for clothes (girl), size 1 1/2 shoe Interest - She loves Barbie and Peek a Boo stuff, and any dress up stuff including kids makeup and nail stuff.

The kids love Disney movies, Home Alone movies, and new and old comedies.

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