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Offer Made on Bank Building

Lexington City Council members Lori Barnikow and Tony Tavary met with Tommy Jatzlau, Lee County Regional President of Prosperity Bank, last Friday to make an offer on the old bank building located downtown on the Square. The results of that meeting may be made public at the regular meeting of the Lexington City Council on Wednesday, July 8, at 5:30 p.m. at the Woodson Community Building.

While the amount the City offered the bank has not been made public, that may be part of the discussion that takes place at Wednesday's meeting.

Jatzlau said, "I met with the members of Lexington's City Council and gave their offer to our upper management. At this time [as of press time] all I know is that upper management is looking at the offer. I haven't heard anything definitive as to whether or not they will take the offer or counter."

The Leader reported last week that members of the City Hall Bank Building Committee were given the authorization to approach the bank with a pre-determined offer per a motion made by Barnikow and seconded by Tavary. Two City Council members, Greg Langehennig and William Langehennig, voted against the motion, but three others voted for it, including Tim Brown.

The Leader learned this week that Barnikow will not be present at Wednesday's meeting, which could mean that if the decision to buy or not buy the bank building comes to a vote, Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr. may have to step in to break a potential tie on the decision.

In other action expected to be taken in Wednesday's City Council meeting, the members will discuss and take possible action to approve a Transmission Services Contract with LCRA on the Distribution Breaker Replacement Project. Brian Flowers is expected to report on some of the City's water problems and the Council will consider taking the City's dump truck to Rudy Meyer's Auction service with the intent of looking for another dump truck to buy. Finally, reports will be heard from Pam Cox and from Police Chief Randy Davenport.

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