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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I want to thank the Lexington Leader for printing the great photos and the wonderful article on 2009 Relay For Life event held in Giddings on June 12-13 (including the information on Tanna Furry - we are still so pround of this young lady!). Your support of our event is greatly appreciated.

We are still planning our wrap-up which will be later in July, but the total we should be closing with is: $97,577.42

WOW! We are so excited about that figure. Last year we did close with a little over $108,000, but with the economy this past year and many struggling to make ends meet we expected less - much less. Cancer doesn't stop just because people cannot afford the care or treatments; the need for ACS services has risen because of the economy and our community has posted a big figure for '09. I am so proud of Lee County!

Amanda Becker, Giddings

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