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Up to 200 Acres Burn in Old Dime Box

Last Thursday afternoon at about 4 p.m., a wildfire was sparked, presumably by a truck carrying a trailer loaded with scrap, that burned an estimated 200 acres in the Old Dime Box area. The fire is believed to have started at CR400 and Hwy. 21, threatening homes and businesses along a 3 to 4 miles stretch of highway.

Missy Strom, owner, along with her husband, Joe, of K & C Quick Stop said, "A man was driving behind the trailer that was throwing sparks. He told me about it and said there were little fires sparking up and down the road. I called 911 right away and our fire department was on the scene in no time."

The Dime Box Volunteer Fire Department was helped by the Deanville VFD, the Lincoln VFD and the Giddings VFD.

Strom said, "It was amazing to watch the fire fighters work. They used our parking lot as the kind of command center, filling up their fire trucks and working traffic. The fire was all around our store. At one time my husband and I and some other people were using water hoses, buckets and a wet towel to beat the fire and wet the grass around our building. The wind was blowing pretty good and the fire was spreading fast."

People at their homes and businesses along Hwy. 21 were doing the same thing. They had water hoses wetting down their lawns. Remarkably, only one structure was damaged, a storage building owned by Betty Dobos, which was a total loss.

A 62-acre pasture owned by John Wolff was burned, along with 609 round bales he had stored on the land. They were still smoldering Monday afternoon.

Thankfully no one was hurt. According to Strom, the firefighters fought the blazes for between two and three hours. Some of them were called back out later that night because it had sparked up again.

Strom said, "We are so grateful for the firefighters, the EMS, DPS and the Sheriff's Department. They were all here helping the fire trucks get in and out of our parking lot and back to the scene of the fire. It was awesome to watch them all work. We are lucky to live where we do."

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