2009-06-04 / Police

Lexington Police Report

The City Public Works Department has notified the Police Department a Booster Pump on ground storage has stopped working and has asked the Police Department to monitor all regulated watering. The monitoring will begin immediately consisting of: The Drought Contingency Plan. For further questions and/or concerns contact the City Hall at 979-773- 2221.

The Lexington Police Department reminds everyone the water restrictions are still in effect. Due to the overload on our water pumps and low water pressure, the City is asking all water customers to continue with the schedule as follows: The south side of town will be allowed to water outdoors on odd numbered days (1-31). The North side of town will be allowed to water outdoors only on even days (2- 30). Fifth Street will be the dividing line, which defines the south and the north sides of town. Car washing should be completed in accordance with the same guidelines. This schedule has been in practice since May 10th, 2009 and will be in effect until further notice. The Police Department will be monitoring the guidelines. Please water between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

May 23, 2009

At approximately 7:30p.m., Officer Sherer was dispatched to investigate a reckless driver coming into Lexington on HWY 77. Officer Sherer observed the vehicle in excess of 90 miles per hour traveling south on HWY 77. The driver of the speeding vehicle crossed over the double yellow lines while passing several vehicles. Officer Sherer stopped the driver at HWY 77 and 5th Street in Lexington. As the Officer approached the vehicle it was noted several beer cans open inside the vehicle. The driver also had two small children in the vehicle. Further investigation revealed a small pistol in the vehicle. The driver was placed under arrest and while in the back of the patrol car caused criminal mischief by kicking the window out of its track. After the driver was further restrained, threatened to kill one of the Officers when released from jail. The mother of the two small children was notified along with CPS.

Animal Control Officer Castro and the Blue Paws Organization are continuing their quest on the Feral Cat population. If your cat is missing please contact ACO Castro at 979-540-9791. A reminder all animals kept outside should have a collar and Rabies tags.

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