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Green Elected President of LISD School Board

New Teachers offered contracts

The Lexington I.S.D. Board of Trustees met in a called meeting on Monday, May 18, 2009, where the first item on the agenda was to elect Board officers. Joe Green was elected President; Phillip Brown, Vice President; and Jenny Lu Jones, Secretary. Brenda Johnson was appointed recording secretary.

The board then offered contracts for the 2009-2010 school year. Maria Campbell was offered a contract to teach High School Spanish; Amanda Christian for High School Math; Mara McDowell for High School English; Mark Grimes for High School Government/Economics and Coach; Kristina Foehr and Corney Strickland for Middle School Math; Holly Lopez for Middle School Special Education and Math; and Emily Jane Cowen as a Middle School Language Arts teacher.

The board also canvassed the returns of May's School Board election returns with the final votes being as follows:

Richard (Ricky) Washington had 16 early votes, 110 votes the day of the election with a total of 126. Joe Green had 21 early votes, 158 votes the day of the election for a total of 179. Kristin Smith had 5 early votes and 72 the day of the election for a total of 77 votes. Phillip A. Brown had 12 early votes, 199 the day of the election for a total of 211. The returns were accepted as canvassed. Newly elected board members Phillip Brown and Joe Green were sworn in at the meeting.

Minutes of the April 20, 2009 meeting, board financial report, transfer students for 2009-2010, and the special education compliance profile were discussed and approved. Seven students were accepted as transfers for next school year. They are employees' children.

The bank depository bid beginning September 1, 2009 and ending August 31, 2011 was awarded to Round Top State Bank. Two bids were received.

The board agenda for the June meeting was reviewed and Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Chuck Holt, discussed federal AARA funding, a TASB grant, and staffing needs. The meeting adjourned.

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