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City Says "Turn Off the Water!"

One of two main pumps used to serve the water customers of Lexington went down Monday and the public is being asked to be frugal with their water usage.

Brian Flowers, Public Works representative for the City, said, "The reason for the outage is just plain age. The pump is decades old and, while it can be repaired, we've been told that it could take up to four weeks just to get the parts needed to fix it."

Flowers told the Leader Tuesday morning, just before press time, that he was waiting for a call-back from a company in Houston that may be able to supply a new pump. He said he'd drive to Houston himself to get it.

The City posted a notice Monday afternoon at area businesses about the outage that asks city water customers, both inside the City Limits and outside, to abstain from using water for anything other than essentials.

Flowers said he estimates that the outage has reduced the city's capacity for normal water usage by more than 50%. He asks everyone to be patient. The City will have the matter repaired as soon as possible.

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