2009-05-28 / Community News

Community Baseball Makes a Comeback

Dime Box Dime Box Fifty years ago, every "village" within the Lee County Community had a community league baseball team. The teams provided recreation for the men who played and entertainment for their families and friends who enjoyed watching America's favorite passtime. The community league all but disappeared several years ago, but has made a comeback in recent years. The pictures below were brought in to the Leader by Donnie Milburn in Lexington, who had managed to gather a compilation of at least five teams that represented their individual communities within the county. We're sure many of our readers will recognize some of these faces. Enjoy and ask around about where current teams are playing. Then spend a quiet evening enjoying a game with some of your family and friends.

Loebau Loebau Manheim Manheim Beat Five Beat Five Ledbetter Ledbetter

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