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House Transportation Committee Passes Massive Gas Tax Hike

If members of the Texas House Transportation Committee get their way, Texans could see the taxes they pay on gasoline jump dramatically over the next ten years. The legislation - House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 855 - would with voter approval permit a 15-cent statewide increase of the gas tax within 10 years, as well as a new 10-cent-per-gallon local gas tax.

"Texas legislators should not think they can hide behind the idea that their tax increase still has to be approved by the voters," Republican Party of Texas Chairman Tina Benkiser said.

"The fact is, a vote for this measure is a vote for a massive tax increase on Texas businesses, workers and families in the middle of a recession. It's bad fiscal policy, bad timing, and, in Texas, bad politics. The legislature should stop this bill in its tracks."

Taken together, the taxes in the bill could add up to a 25 cent per gallon gas tax increase. The state's existing gas tax is 20 cents per gallon - adding the new taxes would pose an increase of 125%.

The 11-member House Transportation Committee sent the bill to the House floor Tuesday by a vote of 6-1. The State Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution against the measure at its quarterly meeting this past March, which can be found on the Republican Party of Texas web site, texasgop.org.

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