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Lexington FFA Inducts New 2009-10 Officer Team

Lexington FFA Members Receive Degrees
by Nole Oppermann, Lexington FFA Reporter

The time has to come to elect new officers for the Lexington FFA. Last week, the FFA candidates had to fill out an application and then be interviewed by past and present FFA officers. Then a popularity vote was held from the FFA members that helped determine who the officers would be. The application, interview, and popularity vote each counted as a third. Induction Ceremonies were held this past Tuesday at lunch in the Ag department. Who is the next president!? Here's the list of the new FFA officer team for 2008- 2009:

President- Rachel Edwards Vice President- Mason Vecera Secretary- Emilie McManus Treasurer- Brandon Meyer Reporter- Nole Oppermann Sentinel- Coby Berger Student Advisor- Casey Iselt Historian- Cody Morgan Parliamentarian- Lauren Walch Chaplain- Kacee Lebetter

At the meeting last Tuesday, Greenhand and Chapter FFA Degrees were handed out. To receive such degrees, the member must meet many requirements. For the Greenhand Degree, you have to be enrolled in an agricultural education class. It has to be your first year in the FFA and be active in the organization. The following recipients received their Greenhand Degree: Raimond French, Kirsten Nadeau, Chace Sherrill, Chance Sherrill, Lane Turner, Andrew Seward, Cody Morgan and Austin Smith.

The Chapter FFA Degree is the following degree you can obtain. These members have worked hard all year to receive such an honorable degree. The following recipients received their Chapter Degree: Nole Oppermann, Noe Araujo, Emilie McManus, Brandon Meyer, Haley Jatzlau and Kacee Ledbetter.

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