2009-05-21 / Community News

Lexington Homcoming Rodeo Results

by Allison Kerr, 4H Reporter

The Lee County Texas Stars would like to thank everyone who came out to our Homecoming Rodeo. We had a wonderful turn out and the weather was nice. Thanks to all the volunteers and helpers who gave of their time and hard work to help make our rodeo a fun and successful one.

On Saturday night the drawing was held for our Vacation Get-a- Way Raffle. The winner was Kellie Gonzales.

The rodeo results are as follows: Friday - Lexington Homecoming Open Rodeo; Total entries = 107

All Around Buckle: Ryan Brockenbush; Breakaway Roping: Shane Winker 1st (3.144), Seth Brosche 2nd (4.386); Tie Down Roping: Scott Kormos 1st (8.462), Ryan Brockenbush 2nd (9.178), Phil Brockenbush 3rd (11.78), Lance Brosche 4th (12.722); Team Roping: Kermit Maass/Billy Plumb 1st, Kenneth Kirk/Joe Carter 2nd, Glenn Wood/Larry Gonzales 3rd, Marty Bryan/Nathan Bryan 4th, John Rosanky/Larry Gonzales 5th, Kermit Maass/Justin Roemer 6th.

Clover Barrels: Charlie Johnson 1st (16.543), McKenna Galbreath 2nd (16.823), Carol Marr 3rd (17.7), Haley Schneider 4th (18.055); Double Muggin: Ryan Brockenbush 1st (15.875), Jody Reat 2nd (19.488), Shane Winker 3rd (28.951), Phil Brockenbush 4th (30.16) Saturday - Lexington Homecoming Youth Rodeo; Total Entries = 84

All Around Buckle: Janson Hoskins Dawson; Breakaway Roping 13 & under: Janson Hoskins Dawson 1st (4.983); Breakaway Roping 4-18: Taylor Green 1st (3.472), Dustin Hart 2nd (4.802); Straight Barrels 10 & under: Janson Hoskins Dawson 1st (10.949); Straight Barrels 11-14: Haley Schneider 1st (10.649); Straight Barrels 15-18: Ethan Karisch 1st (9.811), Taylor Green 2nd (9.818); Ribbon Roping 18 & under: Logan Meuth 1st (18.919), Janson Hoskins Dawson 2nd (26.594) - both had Madi Bexley as their ribbon runner.

Tie Down Roping 18 & under:Kyle Parrish 1st (12.789), Logan Meuth 2nd (13.356); Calf Scramble 7 & under: Carsyn Sunvision, Andrew Hull; Clover Barrels 10 & under: Carsyn Sunvison 1st (22.701); Clover Barrels 11-14: Lindsey Knobloch 1st (18.11), Haley Schneider 2nd (18.36); Clover Barrels 15-18: Ethan Karisch 1st (17.17), Taylor Green 2nd (17.371); and Chute Doggin': Andrew Jenkins 1st (3.085), Ethan Karisch 2nd (3.364).

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