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Sheriff 's Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

May 4, 2009

Deputy Crockett and Deputy Aderhold were dispatched to a family disturbance on P.R. 4052 in Dime Box. The female caller reported that her common law husband was screaming and at her and broke out the tail lights on her vehicle.

Lee County COOP reported that one of their trucks was broken down on FM 141. They were off the roadway and had cones out but the traffic was very busy. Deputy Aderhold responded and advised in was inside the city limits and an officer was dispatched to assist him.

Deputy Durrenberger spoke with a complainant regarding a civil matter on CR 208. The matter was resolved.

A resident on FM 696 reported that someone stole some property from her residence. Deputy Easley is working on the case and the investigation still continues.

A caller reported to Deputy Durrenberger that he had received a letter in the mail stating that he had a check bounce from a Wal- Mart in a place that he had never been. He looked up the company on line and saw that a lot of people reported the company as a scam.

Deputy Easley was dispatched to a disturbance on CR 118 after a mother reported her adult son was mad at her and was hitting her truck.

A caller reported that she had been out of town for three months and returned today and found suspicious activity at her residence. Deputy Crockett took a report.

May 5, 2009

Captain Gonzales assisted a subject on CR 223 after she called and reported that she had slipped onto the floor and could not get up. She advised that she had been on the floor for over an hour.

A motorist reported a black calf out on Hwy 77 @ CR 223. Upon Deputy Carvin's arrival the owners were on sight putting up the calf.

May 6, 2009

Deputy Easley attempted to locate a white For Expedition that was reported to be driving recklessly on FM 112. A motorist wanted to file charges on the driver because he would not allow her to pass. After the vehicle was located the motorist changed her mind and did not want to pursue charges.

A caller reported that a heavy set male was riding a bike on CR 309 headed towards Ave. D and was said to be veering into oncoming traffic. Deputy Easley was dispatched but did not locate the subject.

Deputy Robertson and Deputy Carvin were dispatched to a verbal disturbance on FM 141 in Dime Box. A female caller requested a deputy because her husband was yelling at her daughter.

A resident on CR 337 reported a group of people in a jeep were spotlighting and keeping him up at night. The game warden, Deputy Easley and a Lexington officer were dispatched to the scene. The vehicle was located and the driver was identified and lives on CR 337.

A Giddings Officer reported that he was in a foot pursuit and requested assistance. Deputy Robertson, Deputy Easley and Deputy Carvin assisted.

May 7, 2009

Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to speak to a complainant on PR 1071. The resident advised that his mailbox and two others had been knocked down during the night. A report was made.

A caller reported what he considered a scam to Chief Deputy Kothmann. The caller advised that he signed up to win a BBQ pit at a local restaurant and now they are calling him wanting to sell him a fire alarm.

Chief Deputy Kothmann responded to a one vehicle accident on CR 209. A FEDEX employee was not injured but her truck was on its side. Bastrop County was notified that it was in their county.

Several motorists reported that a tree had fallen and was blocking one lane of traffic on FM 448 at Rabb's Creek. Deputy Robertson and Deputy Easley assisted with traffic control until TX DOT arrived.

Lee County received a 9-1-1 call and could hear a male and a female screaming at each other. Dispatched Deputy Easley who advised the parties have separated for the night.

Game Warden Gonzales contacted the Sheriff's Office requesting assistance from a deputy at the county club. He received a call in reference to a woman screaming in the area of the country club. Deputy Robertson assisted. A young girl was located and advised that she was barefoot and stepped into a prickly pear patch.

May 8, 2009

The Sheriff's Office received a call from a male subject who advised he just shot someone in the leg that was at his house on CR 113. The subject that was shot fled the scene. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Robertson responded and requested Giddings Police to be on the lookout for the subject. He was located and transported to the hospital. Investigation continues at this time.

Chief Deputy Kothmann, Captain Gonzales and Deputy York assisted Trooper Manner at the scene of an accident on Hwy 21 East at the Burleson County line.

A caller spoke to Deputy Carvin about someone harassing her. She stated that an unknown person continues to call her from a blocked number. A report was made and investigation continues.

Deputy Robertson received a call from a subject who witnessed someone dumping a puppy on the side of the road on CR 113. The license plate was received and charges are pending.

A call was received from a woman stating that her son was threatening her with a loaded gun on CR 118. Deputy Robertson, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Carvin were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, deputies spoke to the woman's mother who advised that her daughter is the one that had the gun and her grandson took it away from her and threw it in the creek.

Deputy Carvin and Deputy Robertson assisted with traffic control on Hwy 77 approx 2 miles south of Lexington at the scene of an accident.

Deputy Carvin, Deputy Robertson and Deputy Durrenberger attempted to serve a felony warrant on a subject on FM 3403.

May 9, 2009

Walch Store reported a suspicious vehicle parked on the side of the building. Deputy Robertson and Deputy Durrenberger responded and spoke to the driver who reported he was just tired and pulled over for a couple of hours before continuing on.

Deputy Crockett took a theft report from Walch Store after they called and reported a vehicle left without paying for gas. The license plate was obtained.

A resident on CR 114 reported to Deputy York that she had a bull in her pen that does not belong to her.

A caller reported that she hired three male subjects to move all her belongings from a storage unit in Brenham to Giddings. She believes they are going to Austin to sell her property. Giddings Police located the U-haul in town. Deputy Robertson and Deputy Carvin reported that it was just a miscommunication.

Deputy Carvin, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Robertson responded to what was first reported as a hit and run accident on CR 200. It was later determined to be a vehicle vs. tree accident. Air Evac out of La Grange was called to the scene to transport the driver to the hospital.

A resident on PR 6005 complained of loud music. Deputy Durrenberger responded and advised that there is a wedding reception taking place and they had a live band. Subjects were advised to turn it down.

A caller reported a disturbance on CR 233. Deputy Durrenberger, Deputy Carvin and Deputy Robertson responded to the scene. Both parties were separated for the night.

May 10, 2009

Deputy Crockett received a call regarding a disturbance on CR 130. A female reported that her friend got into an argument with her husband and he wanted her removed from the residence. Upon his arrival, the female was picked up by a mutual friend.

The Sheriff's Office received information from Hurst Police Department regarding a male subject who was involved in a disturbance and told his family that he was going to Lexington and hang himself. Deputy Crockett located the subject and brought him to the Sheriff's Office to be evaluated by Mental Health personnel.

Deputy York and Deputy Crockett assisted Trooper Weiser at the scene of a rollover wreck on FM 180. It was reported by Fayette County who reported two people trapped inside the vehicle. Trooper Weiser called for a helicopter due to the injuries. Air Evac was dispatched from La Grange.
Jail count: 05/10/09 41
Males: 34 Females: 7

In April, the Lee County Sheriffs investigated one Burglary, four Thefts, two Assaults, and two Assault Family Violence.

This week is the Lee County Fair; please drive with safety on entering and exiting the Fair grounds.

Reward for information on crimes in Lee County. 1- 866-930-TIPS (8477).

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