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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the City of Lexington for another successful Homecoming! Thank you, especially to Mr. McHenry and his family for their time and efforts for the Classic Car Show. It is a thrill to see the excitement in the eyes of the younger generations and to hear the older people reminisce about their cars and days gone by.

Many people may not realize the tremendous amount of time and money that goes into the restoration of these classic automobiles. It is that reason that I write to your paper. Some friends and I witnessed a couple of incidents at the show on Saturday. I watched as a mother and her child stood in front of my vehicle when the little girl took her finger and ran it in circles on the fender of my car. Hoping it would just be a fingerprint in dust, I said nothing. We later found that she had used her fingernail and made deep scratches into the paint! Then, someone allowed their dog on a leash to jump on the door of my friend's beautiful car. Surprisingly, there was no visible damage.

While I appreciate the interest in our cars, I find it disturbing at the lack of respect people have for others property. It should not be someone else's duty to remind parents and pet owners of the respect necessary when around these beautiful vehicles!

We love our vehicles as much as they love their children and pets.

Sincerely, Taronda Schulze, Lincoln

Dear Editor-

Just a note to say thanks for the great coverage - before and after this year's Homecoming. The two weeks of pre-event coverage and great pictures of all the activities encouraged folks to participate and the pictures of the weekend told a great story of a "Good Time Was Had By Most Everybody." The weather smiled on the event and folks seemed to come out of the woodwork. There were enough different foods and activities to provide entertainment for young and old alike. Thanks for telling the story in The Leader.

Nancy Perry, Lexington

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