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Myrtle Loree Rodgers Locklin

Myrtle Loree Rodgers Locklin - 92 years young! Myrtle Loree Rodgers Locklin - 92 years young! Myrtle Loree Rodgers was born in a dog-trot style home to Lula Maud Smith Rodgers and Joseph Sorrell Rodgers in 1916. Their home was in the Phears community, about six miles North of Lexington. Her mother was born around Galveston. She and her mother came through Lee County in a wagon and settled around Phears. Myrtle's grandfather was George Rodgers. Myrtle tells about her family and upbringing:

"There were ten children in our family: Bewel Edward - 1901; Bethel Warren - 1903; Homer Lewis - 1905; Ruby Leona - 1907; Roy Warren - 1909; Marvin Lester - 1914; Myrtle Loree - 1916; George Loris - 1918; Lula Maud - 1920; Joseph Edwin - 1922. Ruby Leona is buried in Oklahoma, all the rest are buried in Lee County."

"I had a lot of fights with my brothers when we were growing up. One time I got a ring out of a Cracker Jack box. There used to be a prize in every box. One of my brothers took my ring and threw it in our spring where we got our water. Every time I went to draw water, I could see that ring deep down in the spring. I didn't get it out because the water was too deep."

"Our yard around the house was swept bare every week; that was my job. We did that mostly for snakes. We had a tree on our place that had a hollowed out place in the bottom where the chickens liked to lay eggs. The only trouble with that was the snakes liked to get in there too. We decided to clean it out and I don't know how many snakes we got out of there."

"My mother grew roses and honeysuckle around the house. Dad grew cotton, corn, beans, peas, and peanuts. He hunted wild game, but I didn't like to eat that, so I would eat syrup, bread and butter. Dad made his own syrup."

"I went to school and church in the Phears community. I went back to the seventh grade for three years because I didn't want to leave school. There were no school busses to Lexington then, so I couldn't go to high school. I taught the classes for my teacher sometimes, when she was sick."

"I married Edward (Bill) Locklin in 1934. We had three children." If you are over 90 years old or

know someone who is and

lives in or near the Lexington Community, bring us a picture

so we can include it in an upcoming issue of the Leader!

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