2009-04-16 / General Stories

DPS Appeals Tx Driver License Ruling

Last week the Texas Department of Public Safety appealed a ruling by a state district judge ordering DPS to issue driver licenses to temporary visitors and noncitizens who do not meet current DPS identification requirements.

The appeal means that current DPS rules will remain in effect.

Non-citizens or temporary visitors to the United States who appear at DPS driver license offices will not be issued driver licenses if they do not meet current identification rules.

One of the reasons DPS is appealing the ruling is that it will have a major impact on business operations at the agency, and could in fact shut down the agency's ability to appropriately and securely identify driver license applicants.

The Legislature is actively addressing the challenges of certain non-citizen and temporary visitor licensing issues and DPS is also waiting for guidance from that governing body in addition to a higher court in the Salazar case.

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