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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

Last Friday (Good Friday), I went to the courthouse to see the agenda for the next commissioners' court meeting. I noticed that item number 7 contained an important issue about repealing the $12,000 exemption for homeowners. I truly hope the commissioners would continue the exemptions for all of us regardless of our age or the conditions of our bodies. These are trying moments for all of us in regards to taxes, the high cost of living, and the erosions of our dollars. Today, most of us are making tough decisions about our own family budgets, and our local business owners are struggling to stay in business. Trimming the family budget is never easy when we have so many needs to fulfill, and it is time to tell our county officials that we can no longer afford to be the "ATM" machines for the county. In the last several years, the county has spent more money than it was to get from its taxes. It is time for the county to exist within its means, and to give people more of its money during these critical times.
Vance Bradford

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