2009-04-09 / General Stories

Senators Hutchison and McCain to Offer Alternative to Budget

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Texas' senior senator joined Senator John McCain to introduce an alternative to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Budget that meets America's needs by spending less and reducing debts more quickly than the current budget proposed by Democratic leadership. Also cosponsoring the substitute amendment are Sens. Graham (R-SC), and Coburn (R-OK).

"The American people understand that the Democratic budget proposal taxes too much, spends too much, and borrows too much. We as Republicans, however, need to show the nation that there is an alternative instead of simply saying `no.' Our budget wisely caps discretionary spending and would, over ten years, cut $3.5 trillion from the president's debt proposal, " said Hutchison.

"After unprecedented government spending with the Stimulus bill and the Omnibus appropriations bill, on top of what was passed in 2008, the American people expect and deserve restraint, " she said.

"Our budget amendment is a commonsense alternative that demonstrates a willingness to act responsibly as we work through tough economic times."

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