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Heather Hengst Heather Hengst My name is Heather Hengst and I am thrilled to be teaching 6th grade science at LMS. I was raised in Waco and am a graduate of Texas A&M in College Station. My husband, Greg, and I live in Thorndale with our 3 year old son, Kolman. My husband farms corn and wheat, as well as raises cattle. Being a farmer’s wife is a big part of my life and I love it!

I have been teaching 5th or 6th grade science/ social studies for 12 years. Being a teacher these past years has brought so much joy to my life! Both of my parents are educators, so I got to see first hand the best and worst parts of this career. I believe that I got into education because I saw the difference that they made in kids’ lives and how happy that made my parents. I honestly look forward to coming to work every day and sharing my love of science with a bunch of crazy middle schools kids! We “get” each other and it works beautifully! My favorite part of teaching is watching the next generation fall in love with understanding some part of how the world works around them.

Technology never ceases to amaze me! It can make teaching a hard concept so much easier to understand. I enjoy incorporating video clips into my lessons and using Power Point presentations. I do not know how I ever taught without a Mimioview and projector “back in the day.” They are a must in my classroom now! I also enjoy being able to use the laptops to access websites that have interactive science labs. If you are a parent of a 6th grader, please sign up for text message or e-mail reminders of tests and homework through Remind 101. Text 979-314-0548 with the message @b6cd6. My website is My goal for technology this year is to use the interactive smartboard in my lessons and try to do a few “flipped” classes.

I am excited beyond words to be a part of the Lexington ISD community!

Thank you so much for welcoming me here!

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